Our Patients

With compassion and a holistic approach, our patients and their families come first. We render the highest quality of care and support by: Respecting individuality, personal choice, cultural diversity and individual spiritual beliefs. Recognizing and supporting the strengths of patients and their significant others. Delivering services, regardless of ability to pay, assuring excellence in symptom control and psychological and spiritual support.

Our Staff

With total commitment to our mission, we foster a safe and healthy environment by: Promoting respect for individuals, their humanness and contributions to the hospice mission. Fostering and supporting integrity, open communications, flexibility, teamwork, professionalism, and our pride and belief in the work, valuing with patience, optimism, dependability, enthusiasm, humor, and healthy interaction. Nurturing and encouraging education, competence, and commitment to excellence, personal and professional growth opportunities.

Our Community

With our commitment to the community, we a re proud to make a difference to deliver a broad spectrum of services intended to meet the needs of the community by: Continually assessing care processes to assure the highest quality and efficiency preserving our commitment to the hospice mission. Monitoring the communities’ needs and health care trends and utilizing a strategic planning process for future plans and the hospice vision. Assuring that ethical and sound business practices are the foundation for all decision making.

Vida Hospice Values