Routine Home Care

Vida Hospice provides residential care in the patient’s home and has established partnerships with long term care facilities & nursing homes, assisted living facilities & residential care facilities for the elderly.

Continuous Care

If a patient develops the need for more constant care, we can provide shifts of hospice staff at the home for up to 24 hours so the patient can avoid being transferred to a hospital.

Inpatient Care

If a patient’s needs are beyond what can be provided at home, we have special arrangements with local hospitals and other facilities where patients may receive necessary and appropriate care and return to home as soon as possible.

Respite Care

Limited to five consecutive days, respite care provides a brief “respite” for the patient’s primary caregiver by admitting the home care patient to an institutional setting without meeting the “inpatient” pain and symptom management criteria.

Vida Hospice covers all prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, medical equipment and supplies required to treat life-limiting illnesses.